Divorce: How Much Does It Affect My Child?

Does divorce really affect children? We show you the repercussions that can occur in the child when a divorce process occurs.

Many parents have many fears about what may happen after a separation or divorce. There are many doubts. However, among the many questions I receive, the most common are:

  • If they will have irreversible trauma
  • If it will mark them for life
  • If it will affect your academic performance
  • If it will cause them serious emotional problems
  • If it will affect your safety

Was your appetite taken away? This may very well happen to the child. Did you have trouble sleeping? Were you more prone or prone to react impulsively? The child, too, their behaviors could range from frequent crying to physical aggressiveness. Did you want to lock yourself up and not socialize? The child may also exhibit inhibitory behavior after the divorce.

And so there are many more examples, what you suffered, the child can also suffer, but in a more intense way, due to his condition as a child.

Mind you, and if apart from what we have explained, we take into account that, because they are children, they tend to fantasize too much and among those fantasies, it is very, very likely that they blame themselves for the separation from the parents, imagine how much it will affect their self-esteem later of divorce, how much will it affect you to believe that it was your fault that your parents separated? And the low self-esteem in the child influences in a very important way in almost all areas of his life

Following the same reasoning, if a child grows up in a home of separated parents, when he is an adult, will it be easier or more difficult for him to take the option of separation or divorce, in the face of marital difficulties, compared to the person who grew up in a home with both parents? Answer yourselves.

Believe me, and there are people who don’t even take divorce as an option given everything they have learned at home.a