How to save a destroyed marriage? To tackle problems with your partner and try to find a solution, we propose five essential aspects:

  1. Analyze your marriage. Find out what is wrong; why is it wrong? What is the reason or reasons? And once the reasons are found, think, do they have a solution? What can each do to improve your marriage? And above all, are you willing to make these changes?
  2. Increase communication (both in quantity and quality). Good communication is basic for any type of relationship, and this is not only about expressing your feelings and needs assertively, but also actively listening to the other person, with the will to understand and help you.
  3. Get out of the routine. And from your house. Monotony is like a silent virus that infects the relationship without you noticing. It is advisable to fight it from time to time with a getaway, little trip, excursion … Also, spending that time together outside of your usual routine will help you strengthen the bond between you. In the following article, you can see how to get out of the comfort zone in a relationship.
  4. Fan the passion. But don’t go to a hotel … but they tell you to go to a hotel! Because here it is also about breaking the routine.
  5. Couple therapy. Going to a specialist on time may be the best solution since it will guide you in your particular case and will be able to advise you on what is best for you.

How to save my marriage if he doesn’t want or she doesn’t want

The most common reason for marital breakdowns is a lack of communication or understanding, which is why advice number 2 in the previous section is so important and should not be underestimated. If you notice that something is wrong in your relationship and the other member of the couple is in passive mode, with no intention of trying to fix it: take the initiative.

If you are wondering how to save a marriage in crisis, first, use tips 1 and 2: contact your partner to find out how she perceives your relationship, what she thinks is wrong, what should change, etc. Then start to really make those changes. If, after a while, you continue with the passive attitude from the beginning, consider yourself well if you really want to continue with the relationship, because in the end, a marriage is a thing or two, and you should work and feel comfortable both members. If you just try to save your marriage, it surely won’t be enough.